“What is your aspiration in life?” Asked the interviewer. I stared at him. He asked again “Yes, as a writer or just simple as a human being what is your aspiration in life?” I just blinked at him. I could hear Beyoncé sing “pretty hurts…….and her repeating what’s my aspiration in life…. And thinking” ……….and the image with John Lennon on it saying how his aspiration was to be happy kept flashing in front of me. I felt like Beyoncé and John Lennon all at once. The interviewer’s impatient calling out of my name interrupted my thoughts. And I answered “My aspiration in life is to be able to live a life that I have always wanted. Come what may. Whatever challenges I am presented with I shall still go ahead and live my life my way. People can judge me all that they want. I will buy a small house for myself with less rooms and more gardening space. I shall buy myself a bullet (Royal Enfield). I want to travel across India and the world. I want to be able to serve the Lord (Sai Baba) in believe in. I want to start learning dance again. I know I have to work towards it. I know it is going to be hard. But it is going to be worth it.”

Then I thought to myself, are all aspirations not worth it?

The interviewer seemed amused. He put forth a few more questions and said we shall let you know the result in a few days. As usual I smiled wished him a good day and left.

So what are your aspirations? Do let me know. Would love to hear what others aspire to…

Until next time, Let John Lennon inspire us.


Take care!


2 thoughts on “Aspiration!!!!

  1. I’ve never really thought of my aspirations. I’ve thought of my goals and dreams, so maybe that’s the same thing. At the moment, I simply just want to spend my days doing the things that make me come alive. Every chance I get to read, write, create and give, I’ll take it. Whether it’s my job or not, it’s how I’ll spend my free time.


    1. Hi Juni, yes its all the same goals dreams aspirations. the only important thing being able to pursue them. I am glad you are doing things that make you happy and come alive. I hope you continue to do so and nothing comes your way. 🙂


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