That little thing called- Hope!



Pandora- Pandora was the first woman on earth. She was created using water and earth. Upon her creation the Gods endowed her with many gifts like her beauty, voice, music and all that she needed. She was presented a beautiful box by Zeus which was intended as revenge for Prometheus. She in all her innocence opens the box and in turn unleashes all the evil i.e. anger, jealousy, ego, war, hunger, diseases and death. She realizing her mistake tries to close the box and the only thing left inside is hope.

A beautiful story isn’t it? And for me the world is exactly the same. There is so much evil around. We struggle to find one good thing around us. But what keeps us going? What assures us, that tomorrow is going to be a new day and it is going to be all ok!  It is the Hope within us. Just like Pandora’s Box. Our little Hope is trapped deep within us. We need to bring it to surface. Let the Hope prevail. I am sure our lives are going to be very different. Let not anger or ego suppress us. Let not hunger and war kill us. Let us just light the lamp of Hope within us, let it brighten our thoughts, soul and heart. Let us collect all the evil and put it back in that box and vow to never open it again.

Hope this brightens your day. Helps you start the day on a positive note. Have a good day ahead!

Until next time, Take care and remember HOPE!


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