Tick Tock Tick!!!

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does, keep going.—Sam Levenson

I love this quote! A wise woman once said to me” life is short sweetheart! If you worry for every little detail in it, you will never realize that it is already time to go. Do as you like. Live your life and let others live their lives. If they want to spend their lives worrying about you. That’s them. You have no control over what others say or do. But, you do what you like starting from now.”

This made me feel so good. I still remember her very clearly. This is probably the best advice I have ever received. And, I make sure I pass it on.

I don’t want to spend my life worrying, angry, in pain, looking at the clock thinking “oh God! I am running out of time and I will not be able to make it.”

Rather I want to have a full life. I have come across a lot of people who judge for the same. I have met people who convince me that this is not the way of life and I am being selfish. But I ask them, how am I selfish? I am just living my bit and I don’t force or expect anybody to understand it and be a part of it. So if you are convincing me otherwise are you not being selfish with your motives?

I sincerely urge whoever reads this to start living for you right this moment. Let no bad situation like bad grades, failed marriage, bad relationships or anything else for that matter hold you back. Come out of it. Think of yourself like a cocoon, evolve yourself and fly; fly far far away from all this.

As Tina Knowles says: The reason why they saying you are going through with it is coz, it is not going to last forever, it will end.

Please don’t be dependent on anything or anybody. Have faith in yourself.

And as Dashrath Manjhi said: “Don’t just sit around waiting for God and his miracle to solve your problems, what if he is waiting for us to solve his problems!”


So until next time, Take care!!!! Have a wonderful day!


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