Are you a Chicken or a Chicken???

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chicken Crossing the Road

Because it had to get to the other side.

Hahahaha! I love it! I am sure we have heard this joke several times through our lives. I heard it again yesterday. From an 8 year old to his mother. He told her the joke and ran across the road and screamed “I am a chicken ma, a chicken…. Pak pak pakah” and he laughed, laughed so hard. I could not stop smiling thinking about this incident. But, it would also give me jitters thinking that he was crossing a busy road. What if, something were to happen? And I got upset thinking about it. The entire thought process took me to the initial question, why did chicken cross the road?

Here is my take on this” a chicken is usually associated with a farm. It spends its day running about and feeding itself on the farm. It has no threats and is comfortable. Which probably led to a saying “Don’t be a chicken” which refers to being scared. So, why did it cross the road? Probably, because it wanted more from its life! It wanted to change how the world perceived it. It wanted to explore the world outside the farm. We can all relate to it, can’t we? We all want to explore new horizons. Change our boring lives to something more. It is definitely risky. But I am sure, it is worth it. Like they say” someone who has not failed in life as never tried anything new.”

I agree with it. I am a chicken. I always will be a chicken crossing new roads. So are you a chicken too????


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