The Bermuda triangle of life!


We have all heard of the Bermuda triangle. It is also known as the Devils triangle. But did you guys know that we have a Bermuda’s triangle in our life too. Surprised! Let me explain. Most of us spend our typical day juggling work family and other responsibilities. We hardly get anytime for ourselves. Tell me how many of us actually spend sometime by ourselves indulging in things that we like? Not many right! That is our Bermuda triangle. It sucks us in taking away who we can be or who we want to be.

I know it is easier said than done. I am guilty of it too. I have been sucked into my triangle for the longest time. But one day, I just said to myself. I need to be better. I need to do things that make me happy. It was not easy. I know. I get it. But it is worth it. I started off by taking care of my long lost health. My PCOS was its peak which led to thyroid and immense weight gain and weakness. I was always irritable. I started eating clean. Started walking. I am lucky that I earn my living doing what I love the most i.e. writing. But after a few failed attempts at blogging over the years I started again. I am wiser now. I know I just need to be myself. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I am not just so that people would read my stuff.

It took a while for me to come out of my triangle and yet not lose myself in the bliss of it all. I still juggle between work and family and all the other responsibilities. But not at the expense of me. I have to say NO a lot. I know it at times does not go down well with people around me. And believe me when I say this I was very bad at saying NO. I always wanted to be Miss Goody shoes. Never wanted to hurt anybody. Why? The fear that they would misjudge me and leave me. But then, I realised that somebody who loves me will want to stay with me no matter what, and I am not doing anything wrong. I just am giving a bit of time to myself as well.

I urge you to think on it. If I can do it. So can you. Let not the Bermuda triangle of life eat you up!


2 thoughts on “The Bermuda triangle of life!

  1. Who am I ? is the eternal quest from the time of Upnishads also . art of life is to find rama inside the drama , om inside the home , make work as worship , every breath a prayer ….. life is for a drop to become ocean . for ordinary to become extra ordinary ……. Bermuda triangle is a emptiness to loose all ego to become full . purnamidam. if you have time read the book ” own Zero ” which is my journey to know one to know everyone . love all.


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