Kashibai or Mastani???

The recent sweep of awards by the movie from Sanjay Leela Bhansali i.e. Bajirao Mastani does say that it touched the right nerve with the audience. I am a huge movie buff. I love watching movies and period dramas are definitely one of my favourites.

The portrayal of the Peshwa Bajirao by Ranveer Singh is exceptional. His performance is supported by the immensely beautiful and talented leading lady’s Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai and Deepika Padukone as Mastani. The film was shot beautifully and it was surreal to watch it. The dialogues were power packed too.

I watched this movie with my mom. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. On the way back home she asked me as a woman who do you relate to the most, Kashibai or Mastani? I initially laughed and put that question off. But it had made its place in my head. I kept thinking over it. The question brought back memories of the old crushes, the wide eyed dreams of innocence romance from Mills and Boons and a lot more.

I would love to be Mastani the fearless, bold, beautiful and skilled princess who left everything behind for the love of her life.


But being married I know I had a lot of Kashibai in me. The responsible, fun, dedicated and authoritative who accepted the other woman in her husband’s life just so that he is happy. That is a lot of tolerance. I am not that tolerant for sure. I cannot share my man.


But, to think of it, In a relationship earlier I have been tolerant, I had seen many women come and go, but the reason for me to  still be OK with it was because we were not married. Stupid I know but that was how it was.

However, with the recent separation, I have come to realize that I want to create a balance within my Mastani and Kashibai. I will be his desire but will not let him take me for granted.

Life teaches lessons in various ways. For me this movie was one.  And to close this post, one of the most popular dialogues from the movie:

Bajirao ne Mastani se mohobbat ki hai, ayashi nahi ( Bajirao is in love with Mastani and it is not just a casual relationship)



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