Breast tax!


“Breast tax”- Sounds weird isn’t it? But it existed. What is it though? It is a tax paid by the women of lower caste to be able to cover-up their breasts. The bigger the breasts, the higher the tax.

I cannot get myself to imagine this! Tax to cover up your own breasts! I mean this is one of the most disgusting things I have come across. Female foeticide, Rape, Sati and now this! What were the men thinking? The ones who imposed taxes and the ones who let their women pay taxes. First, No man on the face of earth owns a woman’s breast. They belong to her and NOBODY else. Second, what a woman wears and how she covers her body is not a subject of discussion. Please for the love of God. It is not.

All of this sounds very demeaning to me. I mean as a society that proclaims to respect its women, who worship Goddesses, this is a whole new low. The ones that are unfortunate to be alive you make their lives a misery by such laws. I am wonderstruck as to how the generations moved forward. I mean how women managed to face all of this and yet give birth! Kudos to them!

A woman took the first step to stop this humiliation. Her name was Nangeli , who refused to pay the tax to the king. When he sent a man to collect the tax, she respectfully sat him down. Took out a leaf and said her prayers, lit a fire and cut off both her breasts!

This was the first revolt against that tax. Imagine cutting off your breasts! Oh God, I cannot even think of it. The audacities of this world continue to amaze me. I am glad that this does not exist anymore. We have come a long way from this tax, but there is still a very long way to go.

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2 thoughts on “Breast tax!

  1. Just cannot imagine this society where I live in.. Am into tears .. Thank you for bringing things into notice..


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