Do we really need this?


After updating my post in the morning, I felt good about myself, I was happy and confident and gathering all the Happy Women’s Day wishes from my colleagues. Our office is at full swing to make their female staffs feel special today. And I appreciate the effort.

They have arranged flowers and decorations, good food, music and a whole lot of games for entertainment. Like every other day, I finished reading my emails and created a to-do list for the day and went out for my morning coffee. I noticed that the maximum girls stuck to the theme of Indian ethnic wear and looked absolutely gorgeous in their sarees.

But after a while I started getting a little irritated with the feminist talks, the man woman jokes and most importantly the girls whiling away their time and not working at all.

Do we really need a day to feel special? Do we have to create a whole fiasco to get a day off from work and get compliments and just relax? Do we not deserve this in general?

A lot of the men around me said that they do not need a special day to make the women in their lives feel special. They do it every day. And I appreciate that as well! The girls with such amazing men in their lives are really lucky.

I understand why a lot of girls are taking full advantage of this day and taking a well-deserved break! It gets exhausting and who does not like a bit of fun. But compromising a whole day’s work at least to me is unfair.

I love the whole idea of fun, dance and music. But is that what we want? We talk about gender equality, we talk about women issues, and we talk about making our lives better! But what we do is, we let go of an opportunity to actually use this day to benefit us. We should try and bring in solutions to our existing problems. Talk about better paid leaves. Maternity benefits and leaves. Work from home options. Flexible schedule. Medical Benefits. Better arrangements to report sexual harassment at work. These are a few things that matter to us. And they will definitely make our lives better.

The pomp and show do make for good memories but I am looking at long term goals. This is a change only we women can bring in. And I am sure with due course of time things will change.



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