Born this way!


None of us are born a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain and Buddhist. We get this label as soon as we enter the world. The religion our parents follow is the one that we need to follow too. There is nothing wrong with this as such. But what irks me is the stress on religion for everything. The news article in Times of India specially bothered me. The article is:

“Teen Muslim girl gets bravery award for saving Hindu schoolmate from kidnappers”

This is the headline of the article. As a national newspaper it really hurt that they are propagating the stress on the religion so openly. Why could the headline not read:

“A teen girl gets bravery award for saving schoolmate from kidnappers”

Why is there a need to sensationalize this? The girl was brave and saved her schoolmate from kidnappers. She for once did not think about the religion of the other girl! Then stressing on that only demeans her bravery. This only makes people realize the gap between the two religions. We as a country should not be propagating something like this. We first talk about communal harmony and then we publish such headlines to bring out the gaps in the society. I wish we could stop playing with the emotions of the general public and show the reality just the way it is.

You can read the entire news article below:


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