3-year-old hid in bus, saw mom gang-raped, infant brother killed

Where do I even begin? I am at loss of words. This article published in Times Of India has taken me by surprise on how inhuman we have become. Killing a child. A 14 day old boy to rape a woman! A woman travelling with her children! Imagine the state of that 3 year old girl! Is this the kind of society we are trying to build? Forced alcohol down her throat. Raped her repeatedly. Killed her 14 day old son. Then very conveniently put her body out of the bus. It’s just that easy.

There is no case of murder booked against the accused. The entire episode seems like an attempt to redo the Nirbhaya case and make it even more ghastly. We as a nation talk about women empowerment. We celebrated the International Women’s day just a day back. All our religions talk about respect for women and treating women right. Then this happens. This is just not 1 case. There are many more cases like these, but they are all not reported due to lack of awareness and the taboo of being a rape victim.

India is unique. As a citizen I am constantly amazed. We popularize “porn stars” and “wanna be porn stars”. We think portrayal of “prostitutes” in movies is a good learning for the society. In short we are giving them a chance! But we still criticize the rape victim saying that she would have done something to instigate the rape. Yes, we women want to get raped. We like getting raped. You got us!

All lot has been spoken about the rape laws in India. How they should be changed? How the rehabilitation of the rape victims should be done. How to create more awareness? Etc…

But no my point is change how the men think. WE ARE NOT SEX OBJECTS. IT IS NOT OK FOR YOU TO RAPE US. EVERY WOMAN ON THE ROAD IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SEX. NO MEANS NO. How difficult is it to understand this? Why cannot we get treated like a human being? Other than treating women like cooks, washing machines, a full time maid and this …. I mean really! I don’t know what to say. I just regret being born in this society. It is s regret that I have lived with and continue to live with.

You can read the entire gruesome article below:


Another Example:




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