Jailed for life!!


This one is close to my heart. I have always seen only women cook in the kitchen. Every single household. Everywhere. I have always known the best food comes a kitchen managed by the women. I remember the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his cookery show. Years back. And how my mom was a huge fan of his. He is considered one of the few men who changed the way cooking is perceived. But, I remember reading a lot of recipes by the chefs from mogul era and they were Men! The how is it that a women is given the responsibility to cook for the entire family.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t loathe cooking. I enjoy it. But I hate the fact that I am the only one responsible for it. I agree it feels good when something that I have cooked is enjoyed by my loved ones. But, I would like to be at the other end of the sampling too. I don’t want to be the only one responsible for everything kitchen related. I do not say that all men should cook but a bit of helping hand with chopping or cleaning or even groceries would be a great help. Just a cup of hot tea from somebody can do wonders for us.

I know this whole women at home and in kitchen trend started when the major work for men was farming. But the world has changed. We women are career oriented as well. We are getting educated and we spend equal amount of time, money and effort like any other man for our jobs.But, Looks like all that is not important. What is important is that we cook, clean and look after the family. No we do not study to get a good working professional after paying a dowry 10 times his education fees and salary. Oh I am sorry! that is not dowry it is shagun a form of love and respect from the girls family.

We study to make something for ourselves. We study to build a career. We have dreams to you know! Over the years the expectations of us women has changed. A decade ago a girl would want to work and would want a family too. But, now a lot of girls want men who can support them 360 degrees. And if you cannot do that, we don’t need a man in our lives.


A typical day for an Indian working woman with help(maid) is wake up early, arrange the things for the day, take care of  breakfast and lunch, administer the cleaning of the house. Wash clothes if any, put them from drying, go to work, come back, cook dinner, fold the clothes that were washed. Sleep.

A typical day for an Indian working man,  wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, read newspaper and leave for work. Come back have dinner and sleep.

Poles apart isn’t it? Do men and mother-in-laws think we are super-women?

No we are not. We would also like to get sometime to relax. Even with all this on our plate we get to hear things like. Oh! you don’t cook like mom. You are lazy, careless, when I was your age I would never get tired.

Then people talk about how women take their career casually. That husbands and family is first priority. Nothing wrong with that. But, why only for women. We can earn the same amount of money like you do. We can take care of our transactions like you do. We can drive ourselves around. We can cook, clean and give birth. What can you men do? Earn? ya, looks like only the money you make matters!!

P.S: I am not demeaning men. But just that, I hope they realize we are humans too and a bit of help around the house and family is much appreciated. You know they are your family too.




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