Holy Cow!!!

Cow is considered a sacred animal in India. It is popularly known as “Gau Mata” i.e. mother cow. The reason behind this is:

Cow is associated with Lord Shiva as his Vahaan (vehicle), the bull Nandi.

Bull 3.jpg

Is a provider of milk, which is one of the best forms of nourishment.

The deity Krishna was brought up in a family of cow herders, and given the name Govinda (protector of the cows).


Milk, curd, ghee, but also cow dung and urine (gomutra), or the combination of these five (panchagavya) – began to assume an increasingly important role in ritual purification and expiation.

But how far can we take this. The slaughter of cow, bulls and calves are a punishable offence in India. But the article below had me wonderstruck.

“Eight people attempt suicide in Gujarat demanding cow to be declared national animal”—- Times of India.

So the news states that 8 people from Gujarat tried committing suicide to get Cow the status of a national animal and to get better laws to protect cows in India.

So now, we have grownup men giving up their lives for cows. Don’t you think it is insane? As a woman in India, I have never seen a grownup man committing suicide to get the laws for women improved. Nobody has tried committing suicides for the unwanted tax the government collects to compensate for the corrupt politicians and their scams. Why did nobody commit suicide when acid is thrown on girls? Why does nobody commit suicide when a mother loses her 14 day old son to her rape? Why does nobody commit suicide when our soldiers die at the borders? Why does nobody commit suicide when a family is harassed for dowry?

Are we living in a country where cows are given more importance than its citizens? Or is this just a gimmick? It angers me. If you read the article the people involved are the youth of the nation. And this is what our youth is upto and then we talk about better India? We talk about intolerance? Great isn’t it?

I am sure the cows are happy, the tigers are nearing extinction and so is the humanity in this country! Congratulations!

You can read the full article here:



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