The Big FAT Truth!!


A heavy duty title isn’t it? Big and Fat in the same sentence!!! Omg!! We hate those words? Don’t we? Unless they are in relation to money!!

What is it like to be fat? Somebody asked me very sweetly and innocently. I replied just like how it is to be skinny! Then I thought to myself, is being fat some kind of disease? A weird condition may be? I do not know. I have put on a considerable amount of weight in the last few years. I was always particular of my body and maintained a healthy weight. But with hormonal havoc things changed. But, I don’t feel any different because of my weight.

But that question really caught my attention. I have seen this in the past. With a cousin of mine. Who by the way is a female. So she had to lose oodles of weight to get married. There was this constant gloom in the family for her weight and how the boys will reject her. I always looked up to her. She is a good daughter, the best sister I have known, very intelligent and smart. Straight forward and a good human being. But I guess her dress size is more important.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not propagating obesity, which is a disease, I am trying to bring to light the constant obsession of being perfect, I fail to understand how a dress size like small, medium, large, X-large define who you are? I mean are we that hollow as a race? I am sure a deer does not make fun of hippo saying, omg look how fat are you? How do you survive? You should work out more, cut on the grass that you eat! I mean imagine that.

Like animals we are all made different. Why do we have to be so judgemental of each other? Why look down upon somebody for their weight? If a person is fat due to a disease, encourage them to be healthy, starving is not for humans. Please stop with all these fad diets.

You know what, food is good! It brings cultures together; it makes you feel good. Food can be a wonderful ice breaker anywhere you go. Good food can put you in good mood. I mean why would you stop eating and starve yourself. We were not this crazy from the beginning, take any painting or sculpture from anywhere in the world and you will see that women are shown curvaceous, with awesome thighs, tummy and full breasts.


What happened to us now? Hey Victoria Secret, try using a curvy model for a change, curvy is sexy. I mean what is not to love about curves. Imagine your man nibbling on you, happy with the fullness of your body. Feels good isn’t it?


I have been there; I was bulimic for a very long time. I know how it feels to put your fingers down your throat and puke everything out so you do not get fat. I was not a pleasant feeling. And in turn I have invited hormonal imbalance into my body. I now regret it. I know there is nothing I can do to turn it around. I wish I had not done that to myself! But, that is all in the past. It took great deal of pain to come out of it.

Please do not bully somebody for their weight, they are happy, they are full and know what savouring a good meal feels like. For all those weird people who can only find faults with all kinds of food, try it once you will love it too.

Workout, but workout to be fit and not to be size zero. And all you men do not need to look like Greek gods. You are fine. We love your sense of humour more than your muscles you know. You are not a buffalo you see.

These fad diets, diet pills, machines, teas don not do any good, take care of yourself, keep yourself active, healthy, and that is what matters. Fat or thin. You are beautiful anyways! Love yourself! Because if you don’t, nobody will! I learnt it the hard way!




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