What women want?


This question has existed for generations! Many jokes have been made about it. Serious discussions have taken place. But it still widely remains unanswered. I am no expert nor do I claim to a “women representative”. I am just a normal woman, who has been disappointed a lot of times. This is just a general outlook that I have for expectations that women have. Things that I have observed overs the years from women near and dear to me.

Respect—yes that is right! We like love. We love being in love. But, we want respect more. If you love me the Mills and Boons way or the Pretty Women way and do not respect me, your love for me holds no value. I will slide away to a man who may love me less but will respect me more. By respect I mean do not constantly judge me, do not keep telling me what to do. Treat me well in private and in public. Respect my point of view, yes I have one!

A Hug —- It is not the ultimate problem solver, but it helps. A warm hug just gives us the strength to bounce back, makes us feel good about ourselves and restores our faith. A random hug can make us smile for days. Never underestimate the power of a hug.

Compliments — We know 90% of your compliments are a lie. But we still like them. Genuine compliments are the perfect morale boosters. It’s not that we are seeking validation, but yes, it feels good to be acknowledged and noticed.

Respect our family—- Just like you we have a family too you know. And just like you we love our family to every bit too. Chances are I might be staying away from them for work or education, but that does not mean I love them any less. And just like how you would want me to love your family and take care of them, I want the same. Come down from the “Son-in-law “throne and behave like a normal man please.

Faithfulness—- When I am not comfortable sharing my chocolate, how can I share the man I love. This is the worst thing you can do to somebody. If you are faithful to me, I am faithful to you. If to cheat on me, I cheat on you and tell everybody how small you are! 😉

Fun—- We like having fun. It can be anything music, dance, books, drinks, plays, sports etc…. whatever floats our boat you see. So stop judging us and join us.

Helping Hand— yeah yeah! We are strong. We are educated. We can do everything on our own. But a genuine helping hand once in a while does not hurt.

Our space— We love our space. We have a zillion things to do that we might not want to do with you. Like manis, pedis, girl talk etc… Please each time we want our space it does not mean we are cheating on you. Grow up!

So this is it guys, if you can understand a woman this way, you are sure to find a supercool woman to spend your life with. Not all women only want money and good looks. Money comes and goes. Looks may fade away. But love respect and understanding is forever!



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