The Zero of the Human World!!


Zero is a very important number.  It increases the value of a number. The use of the concept of zero was introduced to the world by India.

Now you must be wondering, who is the zero of human world? What is the zero of human world?

Women! Now now do not start rolling your eyes on me. I know you must be thinking not again, this is just another male bashing post! No it is not a male bashing post; I do not mean to demean men in any way. This is only about women.

We women are an important part of the society.  We are a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a mother in law, a granny and a lot more. Just like the number zero we get love and respect only with the relationships that we are attached to. Not that it is a bad thing, rather it is absolutely beautiful. Every relationship makes us feel special, helps us to grow and I am sure all the women out there would agree that we dearly cherish them.

But what I crave for is the individual identity. My value or worth as I am. Things about me that define me along with my relationships.

I want people around to not judge a woman just based on her roles in life. She is much more than that. Generations have tried to define a woman based on certain criteria and had created the so called “customs” for the same. But, we have changed that and will continue to make changes.

Sati: A woman commits suicide on the funeral pyre of her husband. Why? A husband’s loss is definitely the worse, but does that mean, the woman has no right to live? I am glad that this tradition is extinct for good.

Dowry: Oh I love this one! It still does exist. A father not only gives away a piece of his heart but also all his savings. And he does this till his death. Then the responsibility is burdened by the brother. No wonder, Indians hate giving birth to daughters. Thanks a lot dumb ancestors!

Education: Our great wise ancestors thought since women spend their lifetime working at home serving the ungrateful family members for her life. It is not important to educate her. I mean of course she does not need to know about the history or science or mathematics for just cooking a meal isn’t it? No wrong. Earning money or no. An educated woman sets a better example for her children.

Widow: After the Sati system, the women managed to live. Hallelujah. But a life of refuge! How is death of a husband a wife’s fault? (I mean if she did not kill him of course) Banares in India is a popular destination for widows and a lot has been written and said about the plight of widows living there.

There are more of these, traditions like above just slow the progress of our society. Love a woman not because of the relationship you share with her but for her attitude, her smile, her eyes, her strengths and a lot more. Do not let her be a Zero make her your Hero!!!



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