Aruna Shanbaug—A woman or a vegetable?

A nurse from KEM Hospital in Mumbai was from a small town in Karnataka. She was engaged to be married to a Doctor from the same hospital. She died on May 18th 2015 at the age of 66 from pneumonia, after being in a vegetative state for 42 years.

Her story came into light after a journalist Pinki Virani had applied for euthanasia on her behalf. The plea was rejected but she was allowed passive euthanasia.

At the age of 24, Aruna was sexually assaulted by a ward boy that left her in vegetative state.


The criminal Sohanlal Bharatha Valmiki, 28 at the time attacked Aruna and strangled her with a dog chain in a manner that cut off the oxygen supply to vital parts of her brain, he then proceeded to brutally rape her.

He was charged with assault and attempt to murder and served only 7 years in jail. He was never charged with rape. Only God know why? Anyways that charge would have also not made much of difference to his jail time.

The real punishment was given to Aruna; 42 years in vegetative state, no justice, and no report on the so called fiancé either.


As a woman, I cannot imagine what all she has missed in her life. Not being aware of sunshine or sunset. Not enjoying the rain. Not eating your favourite food, not meeting your friends and family. It is just unfair, outright unfair.

What should be the punishment for taking away somebody’s soul? I guess there is none.

Sohanlal, moved back to his village in U.P. Living with his family. A wife, 2 sons (both married). This makes me laugh! How are they living with this man? I really want to ask that woman who calls herself his wife.

Sohanlal Rape accused of Aruna Shanbaug who died in the King Edward Memorial hospital in Mumbai after 42 years in coma-Express Photo by Gajendra yadav,29-5-2015

Do you let him touch you after knowing that he raped (had anal sex) with a girl and tried to kill her?

Did you think your sons will become like him?

Did you want that? Are you a secret psychopath?

Because I could never do that. If my man did something like this. I would kill him and hand myself over to the police.

It is women like her who give men like Sohanlal guts to commit such crimes. He apparently says that he did not rape her, there was a fight and it got out of control. Hahahaha! No words, no words for such a loser.

I appreciate the hospital that took care of her. I wonder where the fiancé guy went. Married to somebody else huh! Did he try to fight for her? I wonder. I wonder what if I was in her place. I would have wanted my fiancé to at least raise his voice when I lost mine.

I have no faith in our judicial system of course. But, I have faith in God; I can only pray no Aruna Shanbaug is created again. No woman is created again. Who gets mistreated for pleasure!


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