Where are you???

Darkness of the night, with tiny stars doting bright,

Whistling of the trees, by the cool breeze,

Standing there out in the open, with silence all around

I miss u, I want you back, where are you? Where are you happiness?

Come back… lets be lovers again!




I am not aiming at the stars; I don’t want the moon,

Don’t want a prince, don’t want a unicorn,

Don’t want the riches, don’t want the crown

Don’t want the Knight, don’t want the kiss,

I just want to be me, just want me, my happiness, my thoughts, my peace, my love;

I am not in a fairy-tale, but I still want us!



I am waiting to wake up to you every morning,

I am waiting to look deep into your eyes,

I am waiting to kiss you endless while sipping tea,

I am waiting to hold you infinite into darkness,

I am waiting to see you laugh,

I am waiting to walk with you, feel the breeze with you,

I am waiting to touch you, hear your voice,

I am waiting for our giggles and teasing,

I am waiting to be with you, waiting for you, forever now and ever….



Since my birth my parents’ home is not my home,

After I am married my husband’s home does not feel like home,

Too many eyebrows raise, if I have to stay alone,

A woman without man is worth nothing, I hear,

Where do I go if I have no man and no home?

Born a homeless, will I die a homeless????


The Iron Lady!!

The Iron Lady of Manipur is Irom Chanu Sharmila. Also known as Mengoubi, in the local language; which means the fair one, is on an on-going hunger strike.


She opposes the AFSPA presence in the North Indian states. After the Malcolm massacre incident in November 2000, which killed 10 people and severely injured 42 others.  In 1958 this law was applied to the 7 north eastern states wherein, the armed forces could arrest people or search places without a warrant on the basis of terrorism suspicion. (Armed Forces Special Powers Act)


The armed forces however, open fired on the people standing at the bus stop where, 10 were killed leaving others injured. They were also responsible for a lot of political unrest in the region.

To oppose this and to make the government withdraw the AFSPA, Sharmila vowed to not eat and drink till the law was withdrawn.  A nasogastric intubation was put to her the same month to keep her alive.

To break her spirit she was arrested under the pretext of “attempt to commit suicide”. Really!!! I wonder where was this clause when Kanahiya Kumar announced fasting against the action taken by the authorities?! Since her arrest and release, she has been arrested and released almost every year since her fast began.

But, this lady is really made of iron, she did not deter, she stayed on her ground. She has received a lot of recognition since then. A lot of political parties have approached her, to join them, but she never cashed her interests for politics. As she is truly against it! Unlike people, who cause unrest and call it intolerance.

This act is still ruled in the states and I strongly oppose to them. Such acts do not help the political situation for the common man. I wish I had the will of iron just like our Iron lady! I can just hope her wish is fulfilled and people can see sensibility in her crazy love for her people!


They say it is in my head, they say I am imaging things, seeing things, expecting the unexpected, they do not believe me.. how do I tell them, it’s you………. you are in my heart, you are who I see, it’s you that I want and you that I believe in…..


Finding you!!!

I am looking at the stars to find you; I am asking the moon to help me find you, I am asking the breeze to give me directions to you, my heart beats faster, you are somewhere near, somewhere here, I can’t find you…. My heart slowly whispers you are gone…. Long gone…. But I still try to find you!!!