My Story!!!

I will not give up on my dreams; I will not give up on my hope of finding happiness within,

I will not let failures define me; I will not let negativity ruin me,

I am scared, it gets lonely, but I know I have to pick myself up and write my own story!!!




You are apple of my eyes, my princess, the reason for my smile,

Study well, follow your dreams, be what you want to be,

Don’t talk to strangers, be careful, and choose your friends wisely,

And then one day

I am the reason for your worries, you get me married to a stranger and send me to a new house,

What happened to the princess? What happened to being careful? What happened to be what you want to be?

I guess there are no answers!!!



Feed me with your hands, rock me to sleep,

Comb my hair, while you talk to me,

Give me piggy back rides; take me out for ice cream,

Scream with me; let me cry on your shoulder,

Kiss me when I am scared, never let go of me,

You are the man I need; you’re the man for me.

But I know you don’t exist! You are just a dream! A big bad dream!!



I remember when she was standing there all nervous and shy with that small smile… And all I wanted her to do was trust me… And she did… she did…— Rocky Balboa

I wonder how it feels to hear this from a man, the man you love…. I wish to hear this once…see how it feels!