Daughters-in-Law as Family Members

“Treat Daughters-in-Law as Family Members, Not Maids”, Says Supreme Court.

This news article is very amusing. I mean we live in a country where the court, the law has to tell people to treat a “family member” in a civilized manner.

Really, have we really come to this? Has the inhuman ways of our society has finally started catching up?

24,771 dowry deaths reported in last 3 years. Is it not appalling? In the 21st century where women are making a mark in every field, marriage still is “buying a groom”!

We have read a lot of news articles where in the bride and her family has taken a stand against the dowry system; but I would like to see a man say NO, NO I am not going to be a deal. I want a marriage and not an exchange of money, jewellery, cars and flats etc…

This is just the tip of iceberg. Even after “buying a man for the girl” the girl and her family is put through a lot. Why is only a woman expected to take care of the household? Why is it difficult to understand that she is a working woman too and gets just as tired as your precious son!

Even if she is not working, why is she expected to take care of everything? Mother in laws were also once daughter in laws! If it was difficult for them, if they put up with a lot of sacrifices, can they not make it easy for the new bride? Do they have to inflict her with the same pain?

I urge all the mothers out there, with young sons please please have a kind heart towards the new bride, just like you love your son, her parents love her too! And to all the mothers of young girls, before you get your girl married and send her to a new home, new family; talk to the family understand them well, see if they can really add to your daughters happiness. Only then get them married.

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