A man with a beard is to me most desirable! A good well-groomed beard brings out the best in a man; to me a good beard can make the most average man look irresistible!

But imagine a beard on a woman. I mean I find it very difficult to picture myself or any of my female friends with a mane. However, Harnaam Kaur from U.K has defied all olds and is a Guinness book record holder for world’s youngest female with a full beard.


The pictures of Harnaam Kaur all over the internet are very liberating. She has a full grown thick glossy beard with winged liner and perfectly done lips.


She suffers from PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome), hence the over growth of the facial hair. I or any other female with PCOS will relate to this. I know the pain of hair removal every few days. The embarrassment I feel when I see somebody I am talking to notice my facial hair in between.


This is so comforting and liberating. I wish I could break stereotypes just like her.

Her beard makes her no less feminine. Her pictures on the internet will tell you that. The bridal shoot that she did is breath taking.

This is to me just a huge huge huge example of being comfortable with who you are. A good answer to body shamers.I know a lot of my male friends cringe with the thought of woman with hair even on the private areas. But, they forget women are human too and have hair growth just like them!

Harnaam Kaur, you are an inspiration and a whiff of hope for me. Thank you!


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