Everything or Nothing!!


This quote by Sylvia Plath rightly represents my current state of mind. As a matter of fact, current state of mind for a lot of people I think.

We are living in a rat world, constantly running, a continuous race. We have forgotten what it is like to live.

I honestly do not know if I am surviving or living. I am always worried about my career, EMIs, relationships etc… Its like the issues never end.

I see everybody around me with the same problems home loan, car loan, credit card bills, no family time, hardly copulating. The kind of stress our elders took in 40’s we are doing that in 20’s.

The mental health issues have raised drastically over the years. We are constantly putting each other down for our own ego boost.

I have reached a point where I just want to live. Enjoy little things in life. Stop running. I want to try everything good bad and ugly. And I know after that I will be at peace. Because I would trade all this negativity, hopelessness, hatred and disappointment for nothingness in a heartbeat.

I want to hear my thoughts and feel my heart beat in soft tones like it is supposed to.



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