What am I thinking today!!

A lie has many variations, the truth has none!— An African Proverb.


Truth and lie… are like the inseparable siblings. How ever much the truth is suppressed, it finds its way. I hate lies. I hate people who lie. I hate people who can lie with a straight face unapologetic-ally.

All forms of lie, they destroy hope, perseverance and humanity. I personally am a bad liar. But yes, I am good at burying myself. What I feel, I want and deserve. I can bury it all.

If anybody is reading this please don’t lie, especially to the ones who care for you. You are not comforting them or keeping them safe. You are saving yourself and breaking the trust of the other person. And that leads to broken hearts! Please do not do it. Please do not lie.


Dancing Boys!

“Women are for children, boys are for pleasure. “

This is a very famous saying in Afghanistan and its nearby countries. Can you even believe it? Are you still trying to understand what it means?

It is the infamous Bacha Bazi. It is slang for child boy prostitutes. Yes you read it right!

Boys are kept as slaves by their “Masters”. They have sex with their masters and then are taken around for other men to enjoy them. They are made to dress like girls and dance in the parties.

This is done to boys at an age where they do not even understand sexuality. Let alone sex!

It is amusing to know that “The practice of dancing boys is illegal under Afghan law, being “against both sharia law and the civil code.”

But do we really need a law for this? Can a fellow human not understand that you cannot defile a child girl or boy!

Paedophile is just not the way of life. It is a disease and the person needs medical help. Sexual abuse is in itself unacceptable and child abuse is beyond words.

These young boys take up drugs to help cope. They belong to poor families and hence fall prey to all this.

Imagine get torn down into bits and piece emotionally and physically and not even get paid. They live with their masters just to be able to get roof on their head and food.



Nothing is reason enough to take away a child’s right to childhood. Nobody deserves scars!

I hope the Human Rights take this seriously and do something about it! At the moment the world seems to be a dark place to live in.

Dont Shame!!!!!!


“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself. (p. 84)”

― Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

I have always been shamed for my looks. Starting from being a teenager to now an adult. Every time somebody criticized my body or my complexion or my nose I would wonder” it is how it is! And how is my body color or anything else bothering you?”

I have seen better jobs and better opportunities go to the “pretty girls”. You know the kind “tall, fair and slim”. Their skills are not considered. How they are as a person does not matter. If she is pretty she is the best.

I know for a fact that I am not considered good looking to be somebody’s bride or daughter in law. The compensation is my father’s money!

No points in guessing, that I do not have any man in my life who I can say loves me even remotely.  But Thank God for family, I have my father and brother for it!

Until a few years back, I would let the negativity get to me. i would starve my self. Vomit everything I have eaten to stay “thin”. I would constantly compare myself with the pretty fair girls and dread that I am not fair. I have gone to sleep for years praying that my complexion miraculously changes. I have seen the fair girls sweep the man I always wanted just by their looks.Now, I have reached a point wherein I do not care of what others think of me. How I perceive of myself is important to me. If you think I am fat and ugly there is nothing I can do to change it.

If you cannot see my honesty, generosity, fierceness and craziness; I really do not want to be with you, not even as a friend. Friends do not pull each other down!

I have seen people pollute others with their negativity. Even as children beauty is all that matter is what is taught. I came across Jonquel Norwood’s Instagram account where she has taken the Disney princesses and turned them into real women. It is just so liberating! Here are a few images from the account.




I truly believe that I might not be your kind of beauty. But I am full of love and surprises. My fierce honesty is difficult to match.  I am intelligent and my brain is my sexiest organ. I will never let anybody shame me. I do not support body shaming. Please do not poison the little girls. Just let them be!

Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Don’t just like and share such posts on Facebook and other social media. Believe in them!


What Sincerity can do!!!!

Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. — Charles Spurgeon

These words have a lot of meaning to them. We hardly ever think of sincerity even when we talk about passion and hope! A photographer Carlos Cortes, who travelled to Ghana in 2015 to make a documentary about Solomon Adufah (an artist returning to his home country from the US) while he was teaching art and creative studies to the children has captured sincerity in its true and innocent form.




These pictures of this little boy Jake speak volumes. He inspired Adufah to use the opportunity to make a GoFundMe page for the kid and fetched $8,980 (INR 5,99,415) of his $20,000 (INR 13,35,000 ) goal.

This money obviously is a blessing not only to Jake but also his other friends. This is what kindness can do. This is humanity and compassion!

As they say, Good things come in small packages. And little Jake is the best I saw on the internet today.

War- Inside and Outside!!!

War! Just a simple three letter word. The dictionary meaning of war is:

a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country

Very simple isn’t it?  But each word is loaded with blood,inhumanity, treachery and lost hope.

Every country has seen its share of wars. Hell, The countries have declared war against each other. We have had World War 1 and World War 2 and the World War 3 is always contemplated.

I came across a few of these images






These is what a war does! I kept looking for reasons for these wars. But not one reason was reason enough for all this.

How are we making this world a better place with a war? How are we expecting to grow as humans? Do we think what our future generations will learn from all this?

Do we think we have a future with war?

These questions remain  unanswered. These images and new post war accounts for the survivors is heart wrenching.

Religion and Politics are two different beliefs. And each is entitled to follow as their heart. A war in the name of religion is treachery to God.

I wish we could stop with all this. I wish this world actually becomes a better place to live.

Say no to war!!!!

Because war causes chaos not only in the world but also inside every human heart!




The Immortals

The Weeping Willow

Chris Trottier


Each night I find myself sitting against the tree,

Hating myself, locking my heart and throwing away the key,
I sit there and wait, just hoping for the someone who may care,
No one ever comes, nor will they I am aware.
I sit beneath the weeping willow,
Its leaves and shade make my soothing pillow,
Aye, my tears are just fuel for my restless dreams,
Then again, my existence is nothing as it seems.

It all began from a time I am unaware,
I had no friends, no love to share,
My heart shattered, the core went rotten,
My happy days long since forgotten.
My desire in life is simply to die,
I’m sick and tired of having to be in agony and cry,
My parents, family, classmates, they just build it,
They look at me as a mistake, best to fix it.
They hand me the rope and the chair with a smile,
They play it off like they care for a while.
Then they shut the door and sit by the bay,
“Whatever happens, happens,” they always say.
The disappointment on their face when I live,
I must be a curse they seek God to forgive.
I’m constantly belittled and told to die.
The moments of love they give are but a lie.

Father who art in heaven, why must I suffer more?
Why have you made collecting my tears a chore?
How have I deserved this? How have I failed you and what must I do?
What more can I do just to please you?
Make this stop, let it end,
Give me love or just a friend.
End this nightmare just for once, even for a moment.
Just stop, stop making everything my opponent!
I cry every night and fake every day.
I make people happy with the words that I say.
Why can’t I just sit back and be happy or glad?

No, you don’t care, just like the others,
Just like mother, father and his brothers,
Just like my crush and my exes whom I love,
You’re just toying with me, laughing from above.
I’ll never get better, this I know,
I have no people to love, no paradise to go,
Perhaps my life will end soon so I may rest,
Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.
Well it’s a long way down to hell when you’re alone.
Although my life isn’t much worse, no one cares to pick up the phone.
Perhaps I’ll just stay here while the world becomes a hate billow,
Just stay here…with my weeping willow.