War- Inside and Outside!!!

War! Just a simple three letter word. The dictionary meaning of war is:

a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country

Very simple isn’t it?  But each word is loaded with blood,inhumanity, treachery and lost hope.

Every country has seen its share of wars. Hell, The countries have declared war against each other. We have had World War 1 and World War 2 and the World War 3 is always contemplated.

I came across a few of these images






These is what a war does! I kept looking for reasons for these wars. But not one reason was reason enough for all this.

How are we making this world a better place with a war? How are we expecting to grow as humans? Do we think what our future generations will learn from all this?

Do we think we have a future with war?

These questions remain  unanswered. These images and new post war accounts for the survivors is heart wrenching.

Religion and Politics are two different beliefs. And each is entitled to follow as their heart. A war in the name of religion is treachery to God.

I wish we could stop with all this. I wish this world actually becomes a better place to live.

Say no to war!!!!

Because war causes chaos not only in the world but also inside every human heart!





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