What Sincerity can do!!!!

Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. — Charles Spurgeon

These words have a lot of meaning to them. We hardly ever think of sincerity even when we talk about passion and hope! A photographer Carlos Cortes, who travelled to Ghana in 2015 to make a documentary about Solomon Adufah (an artist returning to his home country from the US) while he was teaching art and creative studies to the children has captured sincerity in its true and innocent form.




These pictures of this little boy Jake speak volumes. He inspired Adufah to use the opportunity to make a GoFundMe page for the kid and fetched $8,980 (INR 5,99,415) of his $20,000 (INR 13,35,000 ) goal.

This money obviously is a blessing not only to Jake but also his other friends. This is what kindness can do. This is humanity and compassion!

As they say, Good things come in small packages. And little Jake is the best I saw on the internet today.


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