Dancing Boys!

“Women are for children, boys are for pleasure. “

This is a very famous saying in Afghanistan and its nearby countries. Can you even believe it? Are you still trying to understand what it means?

It is the infamous Bacha Bazi. It is slang for child boy prostitutes. Yes you read it right!

Boys are kept as slaves by their “Masters”. They have sex with their masters and then are taken around for other men to enjoy them. They are made to dress like girls and dance in the parties.

This is done to boys at an age where they do not even understand sexuality. Let alone sex!

It is amusing to know that “The practice of dancing boys is illegal under Afghan law, being “against both sharia law and the civil code.”

But do we really need a law for this? Can a fellow human not understand that you cannot defile a child girl or boy!

Paedophile is just not the way of life. It is a disease and the person needs medical help. Sexual abuse is in itself unacceptable and child abuse is beyond words.

These young boys take up drugs to help cope. They belong to poor families and hence fall prey to all this.

Imagine get torn down into bits and piece emotionally and physically and not even get paid. They live with their masters just to be able to get roof on their head and food.



Nothing is reason enough to take away a child’s right to childhood. Nobody deserves scars!

I hope the Human Rights take this seriously and do something about it! At the moment the world seems to be a dark place to live in.


One thought on “Dancing Boys!

  1. I also really hope something can be done. It’s sickening and heart-breaking. Unfortunately, when American military personnel have tried to intervene, they have been reprimanded and some even relieved of duty.
    The Obama administration actually ordered armed forces personnel to ignore it. It issue was included in a list of subjects to never be discussed with locals lest it increase animosity. These included pedophilia, women’s rights, homosexuality, anything to do with Islam and even the Taliban. Can you imagine being sanctioned to kill Taliban but absolutely do not refer to them negatively!


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