Guideline or Dictatorship????

Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy.— Benito Mussolini


For the people, of the people and by the people…. I remember reading the lines in a textbook back in school. As a little girl I was so proud that my country is built on the foundation of its citizens. I remember feeling hopeful, hopeful that by the time I am a grownup, I will contribute to “by the people” part of the system.

And yes I am a grownup now, Earning for nearly a decade, paying taxes and managing to survive by scraping each dream off the list slowly and steadily( I mean who needs a home or better medical insurance, and why have kids I don’t want them to be illiterates!)

Governments come and governments go!  But what amuses me is that they try to outdo themselves and in the worse possible way. The latest feather in the hat being the new “guidelines for the disabled during National Anthem”.

The government over the years has done their best to support the disabled or as I like to call them specially-abled. How much of the support actually reaches them is another debate all together. So if they expect something in return that’s only fair right? I mean there are no free lunches in the world. The government provides you with benefits so that you can vote for them again!

But imposing patriotism in form of attention to National Anthem is kind of being unreasonable. I mean don’t you think so? How do you label a citizen patriotic on their attention to National Anthem?

We citizens of India love our country, we may not be at our best behavior of late, but we do. Even the NRIs do I am sure. We don’t need telling to respect the National Anthem. Our specially abled citizens are no different government! they do not need the guidelines. A bedridden person or an athlete have different manners to reflect their patriotism. Make such guidelines shows that you care of the superficial issues as compared to the real ones. Make guidelines on not assaulting a fellow citizen. And make those guidelines so strong that  no such incident is ever repeated again.

Let’s not just change or add guidelines, but make such changes that our history reflects our growth!!!

3 thoughts on “Guideline or Dictatorship????

  1. What this bjp does look like anti-nationalism… worshipping Godse is nationalism for them and talking about bjp is anti nationalism.. Hope stupid is it


      1. That’s more or less like imperialism or dictatorship.. Godse is god for them.. commenting Congress is nationalism..but commenting of bjp makes us anti nationlist..


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