Chai…chai…garam chai..!!!!

Cutting, kadak, extra doodh, extra cheeni…..whatever the preference is a cup of hot tea is inviting, comforting and one of the best stress reliever. Nothing matches the feeling of a cup of tea at a tapri on a pleasant and calm night. Warm vapors of the steam, the fragrance of tea with ginger or cardamomContinue reading “Chai…chai…garam chai..!!!!”

The Ugly Duckling– you, me or the world?

As a kid I used to love the story of “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. It resonated well with me. I used to think that I will also grow up to be a swan. I am probably just mistaken as the ugly duckling (childish innocence)! The story is of a duckling, the littleContinue reading “The Ugly Duckling– you, me or the world?”