Am I The Ugly Duckling????


As a kid I used to love the story of “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. I used to think that I will also grow up to be a swan. I am probably just mistaken as the ugly duckling (child’s innocence)!

But now my perception of the story is very different. The author ends the story with the duckling throwing himself at the flock of the swans (suicide, been there, done that!) and the swans welcome him and they fly away together (birds of a feather flock together). His people accept him for who he is!

Does this happen though? The good looking people live in a different world altogether. They don’t understand the basic struggles of us average people. A good looking person gets what he/she wants. I don’t know if this works true for men but for women I am a living witness, good looking girls actually have world at their feet.

They can move forward in the career, get a wonderful man to fall in love with them, chose not to marry him, get married to even better (the old one still pining for them!), the cosmetic industry first curates stuff for them…they do not have to go through the stares of the salesperson when the ask for something better, they are shown whatever is the best!!

Us average people are like the second class citizens in this world; struggle with jobs, constantly prove themselves, listen to endless tips and tricks to look better, love is far far far fetched(u know my mom and dad would not approve of you) and Thank God for online shopping!!!

The things we hear are hilarious and amusing all at the same time. The words like:

  • a good person,
  • cute,
  • sweet,
  • Oh! Lovely eyes,
  • no you look fine,
  • Who says dark people don’t look beautiful?

We recently my friend was telling me that his very fair friend is dating a dark person, and I could not stop laughing; I mean what is it supposed to mean? Is it coz that fair person has a kind heart to date a not good looking person? I mean, why can we not understand that God created us different and instead to making fun of it and bullying somebody for the way they look why can we not just love our differences?

I guess too much to ask for humans to be human!!!

I admit I am an ugly duckling and there is nothing I can do about it! I wish I could, but I know I cant, and now it does not matter.


3 thoughts on “Am I The Ugly Duckling????

  1. It’s a trick. It’s geared to make people not love themselves, not love others, be envious, jealousy, etc. Another trick of the devil to get us to worship something other than the love we should have for each other, to create strife, division, and all the things I listed, plus many more I didn’t. You are beautiful, God doesn’t make “ugly” 🙂


      1. It’s hard to see things sometimes with all the other things that bombard us everyday. Coming from every direction about how to look, what to wear, etc. BUT God made each of us, and He doesn’t make mistakes 🙂


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