“I am free and that is why I am lost.”— Franz Kafka


Being free and being lost, the two most craved and misunderstood feelings in the world.

What is being free? What is being lost? I do not know either. But I know that I am free at the moment, free from the ties, free from being held down. I do not have any ties, I do not have people telling me what I need to do, where I should go, what is good for me etc.… This is good right… I always craved for this ……. I have spent years waking up each morning to pray for freedom… Yet I am unable to enjoy it!

I crave for the feeling of belonging…. I do not want people breathing down my neck… but just that once in a while hold me back from my wild ways…. Hear out my craziness and be a part of it kind of belonging… and ofcourse you do not establish this with a random person… it is very intimate…very personal…..

I have realized that being free does not come free either…. You pay a price for it… the price called loneliness….. and it is a huge price to pay… your friends and family establish that you need nobody…but fact of the matter is you do… you need that one person who gets you in your space…. Does not change a thing in your tantrums…. Calms you down and again gets you all riled up too…

But well…..we cannot bake our own cake and have it too…so….

In this galaxy full of stars…..find your shine…. Shine bright… or lost…..its your shine after all!!!!


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