Chai…chai…garam chai..!!!!

Cutting, kadak, extra doodh, extra cheeni…..whatever the preference is a cup of hot tea is inviting, comforting and one of the best stress reliever.


Nothing matches the feeling of a cup of tea at a tapri on a pleasant and calm night. Warm vapors of the steam, the fragrance of tea with ginger or cardamom and the warmth of the cup travelling up the hands! Ah pure bliss!!!!

Everybody has a preference for the kind of tea they like, every state has their recipe for tea. From Kashmiri Kahwa to Kerala’s Kattan chai and from Assam’s Sah to Rajasthan’s malai mar ke chai….we have a lot of options to choose from.




But our beloved chai is never single. A cup of tea always has a mate whether it is a sutta for the corporate crowd or bun maska for the college goers or biscuit for the quintessential Indian household. We all remember our dads with their cup of tea and newspaper in the morning, don’t we???The tea combos that we Indians have created are to die for.




The best conversations and important decisions are made over a cuppa chai. The zombie in us is put to rest by a quick cup of tea in the morning.

Green, black, milk whatever you like I am sure you cannot imagine your life without a cup of chai.

India being the second largest producer of tea after China is a proof of our love for tea and how good we are with spreading our love…. This weekend get your best people go out to the favorite tapri and float away to the world of flavor, warmth, nostalgia and conversations.



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