This is all I ever wanted to be, my first love, my passion! Writing makes me happy, it is my soul, it is me.

But, I go through these spells of self-doubt and anguish, I am not good enough, my writing is not good. Nobody reads me. Nobody listens.

I see all the amazing writers with their poems, stories and experiences and I think I can be so much more. I can be like them. I want to be like them, but also be me. With every first draft, I realize slowly, I can be me, my writing is me, it is a journey, everything is, a story is, I cannot rush things, I cannot imitate, I just need to write and write what I think, how I feel, my story, my characters, my beginnings, my endings and the rest will follow.

So, to all the  greatest writers, Cheers!!! May we never stop writing!

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