In this hashtag world, that we are living in, it is bracing to see a new hashtag every day. Well, this one isn’t all that new. It is an old concept. Women in the late 18th century and early 19th century revolted against wearing corsets. As beautiful as corsets looked, they were uncomfortable to say the least. It was a well-documented and well-articulated movement. The … Continue reading #freethenipple

The Hot Machismo vs The Coy Femininity

On the eve of women’s day( no pun intended :P), I appreciate all the wishes in form of messages and forwards. Women wish each other, our male friends and colleagues wish us. The day is celebrated with chocolates and flowers. A sweet gesture to honor 49.6% of population in the world. However, we do not ask for it. We don’t need to feel special or … Continue reading The Hot Machismo vs The Coy Femininity

Religion or Humanity!!!

I came across this post on Facebook. I liked it! But for some reason I kept reading it again and again and again. The post disturbed me. I saw the post just after the ban on immigrants by the very popular Mr. Trump. India is a country where Religion+Language+Caste+Gender = Identity. Nobody can change it, everybody seems OK with it. Heck! We even end up … Continue reading Religion or Humanity!!!