In this hashtag world, that we are living in, it is bracing to see a new hashtag every day. Well, this one isn’t all that new. It is an old concept. Women in the late 18th century and early 19th century revolted against wearing corsets. As beautiful as corsets looked, they were uncomfortable to say the least. It was a well-documented and well-articulated movement. The … Continue reading #freethenipple

Dating, vating and my rant!!!!!

Do you remember the time when stolen glances and coy smiles meant the guy likes us? When the most intimate conversations were about teachers and exams! The dates were at pani-puri thelas! The blank calls on the landline phones!!! Friends making up various Bollywood songs with the guys name. His friends referring to you as “Bhabhi”. The ooooos and aaaas. The blush! oh that blush!!!! … Continue reading Dating, vating and my rant!!!!!